The detailed step-by-step Graphic Design Process at Creatiwise:

Exceptional concepts take time to create; it involves intense analysis, research and study, in-depth task grasp, graphic design conceptual thinking, and originality. As the best Graphic design company in Dubai, at Creatiwise, we create designs that are user-friendly and we keep up with the rapidly changing market. We’ll discuss five crucial steps in the graphic design process in this article.
In addition, we’ll discuss how Creatiwise – the graphic design company in Dubai endure the design process to create stunning visuals for our client. So, if you’re interested to know the Design process of Creatiwise, we’ve outlined the graphic design process.


The Graphic Design process by Creatiwise

We at Creatiwise go through the steps described below when we work for a brand.

  • Gathering project information and developing design concepts
  • Being innovative
  • Assess the work based on the client’s requirements
  • Making the final adjustments


These processes might result in the best outcomes when the team and client collaborate. We as an agency gain thorough knowledge and gain a clear understanding of the client’s requirements.

To better grasp the stages of the graphic design process, let’s gain insight into each of the following steps.

1. Gathering project information and developing design concepts

As a leading design agency in Dubai, we at Creatiwise understand the client’s requirements before beginning, including the client’s expectations and payment schedule. A strong creative brief lays the stage for a project’s success.
It is indeed best to have active communication about project details. Meeting the client in person or using interactive visual tools is the best course of action. Responding to questions about design is made simple for our clients when we evaluate the first step.
The primary audience, content, budget, price, specifications, timeline, etc. are all things our visual artist will ask the client so we can use them as a guide throughout the project.
A graphic design project will be enhanced by researching competitors or others in the same segment.

2. Generating design concepts

The second process our team at Creatiwise carries out is brainstorming. To ensure a smooth process, our graphic designers come up with numerous design concepts. The graphic designer or the design team begin ideating the project after receiving the client’s briefing.

For ideas and inspiration, we also connect with various design forums or relevant social media groups in Dubai and worldwide

The following advice will help us conduct an effective brainstorming session:

  • Feel no resentment
  • Researching and looking outside for ideas
  • Being honest.
  • Being sincere and asserting the creative brief
  • Engage in word games to spark creativity

The team generates original and imaginative ideas for the project during the free-thinking strategy meetings.

3. Being innovative

In Dubai where modernism is highly focused, our Graphic designers at Creatiwise come up with fresh and original content, which calls for talent and imagination. It works out efficiently when we evaluate clients’ previous projects to understand their choices and design future project on the client’s preferred works. We focus on originality. The workflow of our team involves creativity.
Creativity involves being free-minded, that’s we ask our designers to read a book, go on a walk, or sketch something they’re interested in to help them develop their creative side. Everyone experiences creativity differently. When you feel sufficiently inspired, you can move ahead on the sketches and visual design.

Before using a design program like Illustrator or InDesign, our designers a few quick hand illustrations of the piece’s layout. Before investing too much time in design, we present our fundamental concepts to the client to see whether we’re on the correct route.

4. Being sincere and asserting the creative brief

Reviewing our work comes next on the checklist of the design workflow. Once the client has seen the rough draft and approved it, we begin with designing. Based on the feedback and inputs we adjust the client’s designs accordingly.
Our Project managers monitor the project at key times to provide designers with input when it is needed. Project managers direct designers appropriately so they may complete the project as requested by the client.
Understanding the client’s requirements, our designers complete the design assignment according to the client’s instructions.
We have been always closely connected for a design project in Dubai for our clients.

5. Making the final adjustments

Our graphic designers apply some finishing touches to the design in the final stage of the process. Work closely with the client to implement all of their specified micro alterations. These changes could be in the form of colour adjustments, minor font adjustments, background colour adjustments, or something else. Before the client is pleased, there may be a few rounds of these tiny adjustments. Execute as client requests and also provide any appropriate ideas. After all, the client partnered for our expertise, ensuring to provide high-quality designs.

Something to consider

Our motive at Creatiwise is to add brand value for our clients and make an impact. As the top graphic design agency in Dubai, Creatiwise has always been an impactful and best design company in Dubai

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